Tuesday, October 17, 2017

FAQ- How To Submit An Assignment or Extra Credit

It’s fall break!  What a great time to do extra credit for science class!
Do you know where to find the extra credit?  Please go to the “Class Recordings and Exit Tickets” folder and click on the blue launch button.  Please click “load more”.  Scroll down and you will see two extra credit assignments – they are the blue drop boxes.  Here are the links as well:

You are awesome and have a great day!
Mrs. Shannon Mower, BS, MATS


Many of your received this email listed above.  That is where to find our extra credit for Term 1.

Here is how to submit it!

Start with your home page in the OMS.  Click on the Class Recordings and Exit Tickets Folder.

Class Recordings and Exit Tickets Folder.  You will need to scroll down.

Select "Load More"

Scroll down to find the extra credit options.  This is the first extra credit assignment you can choose.  It must be found by clicking "load more" twice.

This is the baking soda and vinegar experiment extra credit option.  It is found by clicking "load more" once.

To get extra credit, you will need to upload your file to the OMS.  I cannot add extra credit through email submissions.

You will need to scroll down to find the upload file button.

Click on the "Submit" button and add any "comments" you want me to read.

Your documents box will open on your computer.  Select the correct file OR photo and click on the highlighted blue "OPEN".

You will now have your submission confirmed.  It will show you the name of the file you sent me with a date and time stamped.

Monday, October 9, 2017

FAQ - How to find the quiz password

Hello awesome students!  We have another great "Frequently Asked Question" (FAQ) today!

Did you know that each quiz has a different and unique password?  

To get the password, you will need to see the recording for that day’s assignment.  It is written on the last slide.  To find it, go to “Content”, then “Class Recordings and Exit Tickets” button, and click on “launch”.
This is your home screen.  Click on "Class Recordings and Exit Tickets".

This is the folder once it is opened.

Once the folder is open, scroll down to your missing assignment.  Since it is later in the term, you will need to click "load more" at the bottom of the page to see all of the items.

  Simply look at the list of assignments and recordings.  You will see the quiz listed that you need.  Click on the recording listed above that assignment, and the password will be at the end of it.  Note: If the recording does not immediately start, you may need to push the small play button (traingle) at the bottom of the screen.

And a second FAQ -- Why do you make us watch the recordings and not just give me the password?  Well, simply stated, its' not fair for me to test on items that I haven't taught you yet.  This way ensures that I have taught you the correct information.  It will give you better scores.

You are awesome and have a great day!

Friday, September 22, 2017

FAQ 5 - Watching A Recording

Lately, many students are getting caught up on late work.  A few of you are trying to get out of it by using the excuse "The Recording Doesn't Work".  I want to assure you that I have watched every recording and that they do work.

Here  are some things to check if you did not get it to play:

When you watched the recording did you push the "Play" button after it loaded?  A few students forget to do that.

Here is the entire process with screen shots.

Where to find the Class Recordings on the OMS

Select the date of the class you skipped.

Click "OK" to open the recording with our online classroom.

Select "RUN"

The classroom will load and look like this.  You must push play for anything to happen.

This is tiny, at the bottom of the page.  I circled it in the screen shot above.
Then class will open and you will see the welcome screen.

A few things to note:
  1. It will open Blackboard Connect. so it will look exactly like our classroom.
  2. The file "negativeplayback.collab" will download.  If nothing else happens on your screen, go to the "downloads" folder and click on it.
  3. It will ask you to click "RUN".
  4. You will have to wait for the file to load.
  5. There is a tiny play button at the bottom of the screen that you must push.
  6. Then class will load.

I do know this file works because I have many students watch it and they have had success -- even yesterday.

I believe in you and you can do it!

Monday, September 4, 2017

FAQ 4 - Editing, Downloading and Saving A Google Doc

Hi Students!

You have yet another awesome question!

Way to go!

You are great!

You matter!

I have been sent multiple requests to "Edit" our Paper Airplane Lab.

The answer is simply, NO.  If I do that, then EVERYONE's new copy will have YOUR answers on it.  That would be cheating -- AaaaH!  :)  I am sure you understand why I can't do that.

Now, I said this and showed you at least 6 times in class last week, so it is on the recording.  Please feel free to go back and watch it if you want more review.

Here are the steps.

1) Open the assignment on Google Docs.  Go to "File" and click on it.  It is circled in Yellow.

2) Select "Make A Copy" in the pull-down menu.

3) Rename the assignment with YOUR NAME so you get credit for your answers.  :)

4) Click "Save".
5) A new tab will open.  Click on that tab and edit your homework.


When you are done filling out your answers, you need to DOWNLOAD the file before you can submit it to K12.

1)  Go to "File" and click "Download As".  It will open a drop-down menu.  Select either "PDF" or "Word" file.  I circled them in green and blue for you.

2) Save it to your computer's hard drive in a file that you will remember.  Then, upload it into K12.  If you need help doing that, click on this link: http://mowersbiologyclassstuff.blogspot.com/2017/09/faq-3.html

Awesome work!  I will see you in class!
Ha ha!  Funny squirrel!

FAQ 3 - How do I upload the Assignment?

Hi Students!

You guys are so great and have so many awesome questions, so I uploaded the answer so everyone can see it.

1) Question: Can I email you or text you my assignment to have it count on my grade?
Answer: I am so sorry but the answer is "NO".  You see, there is no way for me to link my text messages and email messages to the K12 grade-book.  That technology simply doesn't exist.  From now on, even if it is done, it will not receive a grade until it is uploaded into the OMS (Online Middle School) /K12

Here is an answer to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Question): How do I upload the assignment?

The homework assignment is located on our K12 online middle school login.  I put all of our assignments and exit tickets there.   I have attached some pictures to help you out.

1)      Login to your students’ K12
2)      Go to the bookmark bar and click on the book to enter students’ classes
3)      Click class -> Science
4)      Look at the “Class Plan” menu, the assignment and due date are listed.   Click on the assignment.

5)      The assignment submission box will open.  Click on the blue box.

6)      A file submittal screen will open.  Select your file and click “Submit”.  You may need to scroll down your screen to find this button.

Previously, I sent a movie to this email walking through the process.  Also, the process was shown twice in class and will be on today’s recording.  https://safeshare.tv/x/DYjH__RUbWI

You will submit all of your assignments this way.

Have a nice day!

FAQ 2 - Problems With the Exit Ticket Password

Howdy Y'All!

Here are 2 more great questions:

1) Question:  Where do I get a copy of today's exit ticket password?
  Answer: At the end of today's recording.  To be fair to students who attend class, I will not simply email you the password, you will have to watch to the end of the day's recording.

2) Question:  Please help, my password doesn't work!?!
Answer:  Please know that I test every password before I set it in the system and by the time I get this question asked, many students have already successfully completed the exit ticket quiz.  There may be a few things that could be going wrong:

  • Did you look to see if you are using the right password on the right quiz?   Each quiz has a unique, new and different password.  One password does not work on all of them.  Most students who can't get in are using the wrong password for that quiz.
  • Is your "Caps Lock" on?  All passwords are case sensitive.
  • Did you use spacing?
  • Did you type in the number instead of the numeral (example "four" instead of "4")?
  • I came to class but I wrote it down wrong?  Well, you can email me and I will check my attendance records.  If you did come to class, I will send you the password, but if not, you will be asked to watch the recording, after all, what good is taking a quiz if I have not taught you the answers yet?  :)
  • Are you using the right browser?  You should use Firefox as Chrome does not update the Flash Player.


FAQ 1 - How to find my "Exit Ticket"

Hello Everyone!

You matter and you are awesome!

Many of you have asked the same question and to ensure that everyone has equal access to the same answers and fair treatment, I started a blog to post all of your "Frequently Asked Quesitons" or FAQ's.

Today's question is "Where do I find the exit ticket?"

Class exit tickets will be labeled with the date of class and will be found in the OMS (Onine Middle School).

You get to it by:

1) Log into K12
2) Go to your bookmark bar, scroll down and click on "courses" (the book icon).
3) Click on your science class.
4) There are 2 places to get your exit ticket:  You can go to "Content" and select "Class Exit Tickets and Recordings" then select today's date.


Go to "Class Plan" and click on the date that it is due.  The Exit Ticket Quiz will automatically open.