Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Applications in Instructional Planning and Presentation in Science

Student Blog Post.

Review the Deseret News article from March 30, 2015 entitled: The morality of parents playing God with their baby's DNA

Questions to guide student learning:

·         (1) Would you, as a parent want to know if your child is going to be born with a genetic disease?

·         (2) Do you think knowing your baby’s DNA could cause discrimination to choose a different phenotype (looking child)—i.e. choosing blue eyes and blonde hair over brown eyes and brown hair.

·         (3) Over time, if PGD allows us to choose what our children look like, how will the population demographics change? 

·         (4) If population demographics change, would different races cease to exist?  Is this discrimination?

·         (5) Do you think PGD is ethical?  As a politician/public policy maker, do you approve or disapprove of PGD testing?  What constraints should the government enact to control PGD?

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