Friday, February 27, 2015

Nucleic Acids DNA and RNA

DNA-directions that make our genes and tell how to make proteins
RNA-shuttles/worker to make Proteins in ribosome
Nucleotides: building blocks of DNA and RNA.  3 parts
1.       Phosphate group
2.       Pentose sugar (5 carbon)
3.       Nitrogenous base (contains nitrogen)
·         Adenine, Guanine (Purines)
·         Cytosine, Thymine (Pyrimidines)
·         In RNA, it is Uracil not Thymine.
·         Done via. dehydration reaction to form covalent bonds.
·         Hydrogen bonds form between Adenine and Thymine; and Cytosine and Guanine.
DNA is a more stable structure as it is two copies going reverse paired from one another.  RNA is simply one copy opened up through DNA replication.
·         DNA backbone is basically a sugar-phosphate-sugar-phosphate alternating base.
Video game  or simulation of this science:  Build section of RNA (and build it and see how it does).

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